Interactive & Motion design

Digital Art Director

Web design


2D/3D Animation


    While growing up in my parent’s house, i wasn't the computer kid, i spent countless nights running jumping dreaming i was Jordan. Little did i know the sports work ethic would lead me into the graphic design world. I drown into it and decided to give it a solid shot.

    For that it was mandatory to be imaginative, original, resourceful and witty. So diving into a creative life was the same, teamwork, pushing the boundaries, always on the edge made me visualizing sequences and scenes differently on projects. Motion design is more than a computer, softwares and few tricks.

    What really made me dive in was working on building and creating striking visuals. My approach of motion design can take unexpected turns, while understanding the genre a project required. I have to admit i have a major flaw which is liking too much what I do so my mum thinks i have a double life.


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